service pack
What is a Service Pack? As software companies continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, they develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular ...

Free XP SP3 Update
Free XP SP3 Update Windows XP Service Pack 3 (XP SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change ...

Access Runtime 97
Access ’97 (V8) Runtime Download - 12MB If you have the older Office 97 installed, you should patch using the following Service Packs: Download and run Office 97 Service Pack 1 - 8MB Download and ...

Access Runtime 2002 Service Pack 3
Access 2002 Service Pack 3 (SP3) How to determine whether the update is installed. The update contains updated versions of the following files: File name - Version
Msaccess.exe - 10.0.6501.0 To determine the version of ...

Alerter service
Alerter service A service used by the server and other services to notify selected users and computers of administrative alerts that occur on a computer. The Alerter service requires the Messenger service.

service A program, routine, or process that performs a specific system function to support other programs, particularly at a low (close to the hardware) level. When services are provided over a network, they can be ...

Network Protection Technology
Network Protection Technology In Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Microsoft is introducing a set of security technologies that will help to improve the ability of Windows XP-based computers to withstand malicious attacks from viruses and ...

denial-of-service attack
denial-of-service attack An attack in which an attacker exploits a weakness or a design limitation of a network service to overload or halt the service, so that the service is not available for use. This ...

Search: access 2002 runtime
access 2002 runtime Below is a list of what could be found here. So what can Google find ? 1. Access Runtime 2002 : MAC-NET Services MAC-NET Services - Application Software, Network and Computer ...

ticket-granting service (TGS)
ticket-granting service (TGS) A Kerberos V5 service provided by the Kerberos V5 Key Distribution Center (KDC) service that issues service tickets that allow users to authenticate to services in a domain.

Messenger service
Messenger service A service that sends and receives messages sent by administrators or by the Alerter service.

service ticket
service ticket A ticket issued by the KerberosV5 ticket-granting service (TGS) that allows a user to authenticate to a specific service in the domain.

directory service
directory service Both the directory information source and the service that make the information available and usable. A directory service enables the user to find an object given any one of its attributes.

Event Log service
Event Log service A service that records events in the system, security, and application logs. The Event Log service is located in Event Viewer.

UPS service
UPS service A service that manages an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to a computer.

RPC Interface Restriction
RPC Interface Restriction A number of changes have been made in the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service for Windows XP Service Pack 2 that help make RPC interfaces secure by default and reduce the attack surface ...

Computer Browser service
Computer Browser service A service that maintains an up-to-date list of computers and provides the list to applications when requested. The Computer Browser service provides the computer lists displayed in the My Network Places, Select ...

Windows Update
Windows Update This is a web site that provides updates for Windows operating system software using direct internet connection. Updates address known issues and help protect against known security threats. How does Automatic Updates work? ...

Cluster service
Cluster service The essential software component that controls all aspects of server cluster operation and manages the cluster database. Each node in a server cluster runs one instance of the Cluster service.

Fax Service
Fax Service A system service that provides fax services to local and remote network clients. Fax services include receiving faxes and faxing documents, fax wizard messages, and e-mail messages.

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Removal of Trojan BackDoor-AQF.DLL
Backdoor AQF Alises: Backdoor.EggDrop (AVP), BackDoor.EggDrop (Dr.Web), Backdoor.EggDrop (Symantec) There are three components of the backdoor, a configuration executable, a service executable and a backdoor dll. The configuration executable is command-line tool. It is used to configure ...

regsvc.exe Process File: regsvc or regsvc.exe Process Name: Remote Registry Service Description: A service that allows access to the Windows registry from remote computers. The service runs on Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server. Whenever you install Microsoft ...

UPT Universal Personal Telecommunications service, telecommunications service that provides personal mobility and service profile management.

Free Vista SP2 Update for Microsoft Vista
Free Vista SP2 Update for Microsoft Vista Microsoft Vista SP2, Service Pack Two, contains changes focused on addressing reliability and performance issues. With Vista SP2 update, it is supporting new types of hardware. Vista SP2 ...

Access Runtime 2002 Service Pack 2
This article describes the issues that are fixed for Microsoft Access 2002. Issues that Are fixed by Service Pack 2 are: Database Window Is Displayed When You Click the Application Icon Even Though You Turned ...

Generic Service resource
Generic Service resource A Windows service that is supported as a cluster resource by a Resource DLL.

Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) A software service that dynamically maps IP addresses to computer names (NetBIOS names). This allows users to access resources by name instead of requiring them to use IP addresses that ...

intersite messaging service (ISM)
intersite messaging service (ISM) A service that supports transports for asynchronous, site-to-site messaging. Each transport serves two major roles: send/receive and topology queries (such as, what are the various sites connected by this transport, and ...

Setup MSDE On Windows 7
Setup MSDE On Windows 7 Download MSDE2000 - Search MSDE MSSQL 2000 A
Select "SQL2000.MSDE-KB884525-SP4-x86-ENU.EXE" to download Open folder and edit setup.ini
Add the followings...
sapwd=yourpassword You need to set the control panel:region ...

Trojan.Moo Computer Virus
Trojan.Moo Computer Virus Trojan.Moo was apparently created with the automated tool released by several hackers. The tool, known as the JPEG of Death creation kit, is constantly being updated by its creators and will likely ...

cisvc.exe cisvc - cisvc.exe - Process Information Process File: cisvc or cisvc.exe Process Name: Microsoft Index Service Helper Description: Microsoft Index Service Helper, a service that monitors the memory usage of Microsoft Indexing Service (cidaemon.exe) and automatically re-starts cidaemon.exe ...

multicast address resolution service (MARS)
multicast address resolution service (MARS) A service for resolving multicast IP addresses to the ATM addresses of the clients that have joined that multicast group. The MARS can work in conjunction with the MCS and ...

Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) A security authentication protocol based on clients and servers and widely used by Internet service providers (ISPs) on remote servers in non-Windows-brand operating systems. RADIUS is the most popular ...

Network DDE service
Network DDE service A service that provides network transport and security for DDE conversations.

Denial of service (DoS)
Denial of service (DoS) A condition in which users are deliberately prevented from using network resources.

catalog For Indexing Service, a collection of all index information and stored properties for a particular group of file system directories. By default, Indexing Service indexes the System and Web catalogs on your hard drive.

Preliminary symptoms
Preliminary symptoms Virusbuster will not run. According to the permanent shield it is checking files all the time, but when I try to run a proper scan it starts and then vanishes - and when I ctrl+alt+del ...

SDU Service Data Unit, a set of data that is sent by a user of the services of a given layer, and is transmitted to a peer service user semantically unchanged.

Service Provider Interface
Service Provider Interface Calling conventions that back-end services use to make themselves accessible to front-end applications.

SAP Service Access Point, a physical point at which a circuit may be accessed or a point at which a designated service may be obtained.

PCS Personal Communications Service, set of capabilities that allows some combination of terminal mobility, personal mobility, and service profile management.

mspmspsv.exe mspmspsv - mspmspsv.exe - Process Information
Process File: mspmspsv or mspmspsv.exe
Process Name: WMDM PMSP Service
Description: Helper service installed by Windows Media Player 7. The service allows Windows Media Player to support the SDMI (Secure Digital Music ...

Apple Network
Apple Network Apple creates the hardware, operating system and many built-in applications that are truly integrated systems with vastly superior networking support and service.   Apple's Network Server series was sold from February 1996 to April 1997. Designed for ...

TWX Teletypewriter Exchange Service, switched teletypewriter service in which suitably arranged teletypewriter stations are provided with lines to a central office for access to other such stations.

DNS Server
DNS Server A service that maintains information about a portion of the Domain Name System (DNS) database and responds to and resolves DNS queries. A computer running this service is also known as a DNS server.

access control
access control A security mechanism that determines which operations a user, group, service, or computer is authorized to perform on a computer or on a particular object, such as a file, printer, registry key, or ...

socket An identifier for a particular service on a particular node on a network. The socket consists of a node address and a port number, which identifies the service. For example, port 80 on an ...

mpbtn.exe MPBTN.EXE is part of Digital Lifeline support tools. Digital Lifeline is an innovative, e-service application that provides PC users with an automated, "at your fingertips" solution that can be accessed at the customer's convenience. Digital Lifeline is ...

wmiapsrv.exe wmiapsrv - wmiapsrv.exe - Windows XP and 2000 Service Windows Management Instrumentation Performance Adapter Service Windows XP and 2003. This service provides Windows performance information from the WMI API (the current standard for Windows ...

text service
text service A program that enables a user to enter or edit text. Text services include keyboard layouts, handwriting and speech recognition programs, and Input Method Editors (IMEs). IMEs are used to enter East Asian ...

hibserv.exe hidserv - hidserv.exe - Process Information
Process File: hidserv or hidserv.exe
Process Name: Microsoft Human Interface Device Audio Service
Description: Background service that provides support for USB audio devices and USB multimedia keyboards
Company: Microsoft Corp.
    FilePath           : C:\PROGRA~1\Compaq\COMPAQ~1\

Access Runtime 2002
Access 2002 (XP) Runtime The Microsoft Access 2002 Runtime has been enhanced to work better on Microsoft SQL Server and works better on Microsoft XP and Office XP Platform. If you do not have Microsoft ...

constant bit rate (CBR)
constant bit rate (CBR) An ATM service type that supports constant bandwidth allocation. This service type is used for voice and video transmissions that require little or no cell loss and rigorous timing controls during ...

bootstrap protocol (BOOTP)
bootstrap protocol (BOOTP) A protocol used primarily on TCP/IP networks to configure diskless workstations. RFCs 951 and 1542 define this protocol. DHCP is a later boot configuration protocol that uses this protocol. The Microsoft DHCP ...