Welcome to MAC-NET

This site is dedicated to documenting our simple home build Multiple-currency Business Accounting concept software (MBA_V2.7).

The Main Dashboard

This application software runs on top of Microsoft Windows Operating System with Office Access V12 (2007) or Access V16 (2016~365 32-bit) Runtime installed.

Check Debtor Account

How do I check Debtor individual a/c? Select filter, Select account, Choose Statement (Selected) * can only print if journals are “POSTED”, else you may get message - no data for financial period. Also Remarks in Red denotes, journals not posted.

Entry Form

Entry Form Split form that combines a Data Entry Area and a Data Worksheet view on the same display tab. The Left Panel is the Data Entry Area which comprise of a form with many fields mainly for capturing of information. And this collection fields is known as a record and generately the first field is the unique key to identify the corresponding record collection. The Right Panel is the Data Worksheet Browse and Search Area which is use to navigate or move cursor to a specific record.

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