In 2009:

2009-07 MS Windows: The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is officially be available for preorder. To support this launch, two editions, Home Premium and Professional, will be made available for 50% off. This offer will last through 11 July 2009 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Windows 7 will come ··»

2009-01 Web Security: 31 Jan 2009 - Searching the word "Google", showed the following result.Can site harm your computer? Probably not. I guessed, the search engine must have hit a programming bug at that moment. Every website it returned has the warning "This site may harm your computer". Google reported ··»

2009-01 Web Security: Google search engine encountered an error - it is reporting all search made with the message that "This site may harm your computer". Yes, even Google’s own site is reported that their site canharm your computer.

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