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NetBeui on XP and Vista

Installation instructions for NetBEUI protocol on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2002.

  • copy nbf.sys into the %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ directory
  • copy netnbf.inf into the %SYSTEMROOT%\INF\ directory
  • open network connection properties and use "Install..." button to add NetBEUI protocol


NetBEUI (NBF) is a non-routable protocol suitable for small networks. Support for this protocol in Microsoft Windows has been discontinued. If you still need it, you can download the support files from here.

Why do I still use NetBEUI? Could you believe this - Some of my computers (circa 1992) in my office runs on Microsoft Windows 3.11 with MSDOS 6.0 running Clipper (dBASE) application.

Updated On: 15.02.19

  1. On 18-May-2010, Curious wrote: 
    is this safe to do on vista or win7? i´ve heard that it´s safer ´cause non-routable so doesn´t allow internet users to get to shared files. that sounds good, but don´t modern router firewalls already do this? or the win visit win7 firewalls?
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