Technical References were developed in 1986 to expand on the concepts underlying Technical Notes. Technical References are generally lengthier than Technical Notes and may be produced as a collection of related documents about one subject, issued under a single subject code. Although the information contained in a Technical Reference cannot establish policy, it can become policy through subsequent issuance as a directive, such as an Instruction Memorandum from Manual Section.

In World of Warcraft, QQ is a short name for leaving the game - Alt+Q Q.

QQ could also be Tencent QQ. The most popular chat software in Mainland China.

QQ is an emoticon for crying or tearing eyes.

In statistics, a QQ plot, AKA Quantile-Quantile Plot, is a probability plot using graphical method for comparing two probability distributions by plotting their quantiles against each other. A QQ plot is used to compare the shapes of distributions, providing a graphical view of how properties such as location, scale, and skewness are similar or different in the two distributions. QQ plots can be used to compare collections of data, or theoretical distributions.

In business, QQ is often referred to Quick Quotes. For example, QQ for Low cost auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, group health insurance, commercial liability, life insurance, workers compensation, retirement planning, etc...

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