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Apple Computer Timeline

mini mac

2005 Apple ships Mac Mini that comes with Mini but with 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 processor but without a display and in a tiny form factor. Apple introduces 4 button mouse with a small 360 degree scroll trackball. Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) available. iPod shuffle was sold.

2004 An iPod year for Apple see the introduction of iPod Photo and iPod Mini. iMac G5 with 1.8GHz PowerPC 970 (aka G5) Processor.

2003 Apple Safari browser released. iTune launch and offer music at 99cents to download each song. Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther) available

imac flat

2002 iMac comes with its 10.5" base, 15" flat panel, 800 MHz G4 Processor and DVD Burner. eMac was announced as education only model. Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) available.

2001 Mac OS X ships.Apple redesign iBook and it now comes only in a white box with rounded edges - 500 MHz, prices start at $1,299.  Mac OS X 10.0 (Cheetah) and later Mac OS X 10.1 (puma) was released, noted for improved speed.  iPod introduced.

2000 Power Mac G4 Cube with 450 MHz PPC 7400 (aka G4) runs on Mac OS 9.0 in a 7.7" square and 10" tall casing announced.

1999 Mac OS X Server ships.  Apple ships multi-coloured (orange, green, gray, and blue) iBook.

apple imac

1998 iMac with 233 MHz PPC 750 (aka G3) runs Mac OS 8.1, garish (some say "girlie") colours and housed in a transparent case was introduced.  Apple announces PowerBook G3 Series.  Apple phases out Newton.

1997 Steve Jobs becomes an advisor and interim CEO at Apple Computer.  Mac OS 8 ships for all 68040-based and later Macs.

1996 Apple buys NeXT.

1995 One-millionth Power Macintosh produced.

1994 Power Macintosh line introduced.

1993 Mac LC III introduced.  Apple II line discontinued.  System 7.5 introduced.  First Apple Newton ships. John Sculley resigned from Apple.

1992 System 7.1 introduced. Mac LC II replace Mac LC. Mac Classic II is reintroduced.

1991 Apple introduces System 7.0 with QuickTime.  PowerBook 100 introduced.

mac lc

1990 Mac LC with 32-bit CPU on a 16-bit data bus was introduced with a new low price point of $2,500.

1989 Mac SE/30 introduced at $4,369. Mac IIci with 32-bit clean Mac was introduced.

1988 Apple introduces CD-ROM player for Mac.  Macintosh System 6.0 was introduced.  Apple IIc+ introduced in September at $1,099.

1987 Apple Mac II (3/87-1/90), first 68020-based Mac , introduced at $3,898.  Macintosh System 4.0 (March) has improved Chooser, Control Panel and networking AppleShare.  One-millionth Mac produced.

1986 Macintosh System 3.0 which featured disk cache and HFS, which allows nested folders.  Japanese and Arabic versions of MacOS introduced.  Apple IIGS introduced in September at $999.

1985 Steve Wozniak leaves Apple followed later by Steve Jobs.  Lisa 2 is renamed Macintosh XL and all other Lisa models discontinued.  Macintosh System 2.0 introduces New Folder command and viewing by small icon or as a list.


1984 Legendary ad appears during Super Bowl with the introduction of Apple Macintosh with 8 MHz Motorola 68000 CPU with 9" B&W sreen and 400KB floppy drive and sells for $2,495. Apple IIc introduced at $1,295. Apple introduced Lisa 2.

1983 John Sculley becomes Apple s president and CEO and Apple Lisa was introduced with 5 MHz 68000 CPU, 860k 5.25" floppy, 12" b&w screen, detached keyboard, and mouse for $9,995. Apple IIe introduced in January at $1,395. One-millionth Apple II produced.

1982 Apple takes legal action to stops flow of illegal Apple clones.

1981 Apple introduces ProFile a 5 MB hard drive for Apple III and by now have over 300,000 Apple II users.

1980 Apple goes public with 4.6 million shares and introduces Apple III for $3,495.

1979 Apple II Plus introduced with 48 KB RAM for $1,195 which targets the education market.

1978 Apple moves into new corporate headquarters and introduces 5.25" floppy drive, licenses BASIC from Microsoft and with Microsoft SoftCard lets Apple II use CP / M.

1977 Apple moves out of Steve Jobs  garage and Apple II introduced with 4 KB RAM for $1,298.

apple 1

1976 April Fools Day 76, Apple Computer incorporated by Steve Wozniak (ex Hewlett-Packard) and Steve Jobs (ex Atari) working in in Steve Jobs garage and launched Apple I Computer was based on the MOStek 6502 chip and sold as a computer kit with only the circuit board and without a case for $666.66.

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