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Dont let these scumbs take over and play inside your computer!
Install AVG 7.1 Free Edition Today.

Keeping Anti-Virus Protection Up-to-date!

By December 31, 2004, support for AVG 6.0 will be discontinued. All virus database updates, program updates, as well as technical support for the product will no longer be available.

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It is vital that you maintain your copy of Virus Scan on your computer or you will NOT be protected from new strain of computer viruses.

Please take note that this free edition is for home use only. You are prompted for the serial number (see reference below). Then follow instructions of the SETUP program.

For business establishments, you can purchase your volume licences with MAC-NET as we are a Grisoft Authorized AVG Anti-Virus Product Reseller.

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Auto Updates via AVG Site

The AutoUpdate process maintains the latest virus signature files To ensure that your system is well protected, you need t to turn this ON. You should do to 7 days (weekly) and will take about 15 minutes over a dialup connection.

Scanning Your Hard Disk(s)

With the latest version of Anti Virus Scanner and its component virus definition files and scan engine in place you can viruses.

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