Founded in Singapore on August 2nd 1982, MAC-NET introduced its first in 1985 integrated accounting software package developed for Local Area Network (LAN) environments for an independent American School in Singapore. The product was develop using a IBM PC-DOS based dBase II and run on Novell NetWare over IBM Token Ring Network. A superfast compiled version in Nantucket Clipper Winter'84 which runs on Ethernet Network.

Today, we emerged as a provider of security and networking solutions. MACNET internet resource found here came on-line in August 1996 with the goal to provide information to our mobile field support engineers so that they can Get Their Job Done!

Over the years, MAC NET also been working closely with business partners such as HP (Hewlett-Packard) Company to improve our skills as well as to provide our customers with a total network and security solutions.

Our vision at MAC-NET is simple - Be The Best; Serve Responsively; Be Honest.

For more information on our products, services or to provide feedback, please contact : Peter Tong, MAC-NET.COM Webmaster.

Or by Snail Mail to: MAC-NET, P. O. Box 889618, Singapore 919191.

Telehhone: +65 61006682.

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