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MAC-NET Internet Security News:

Updated On: 15.02.22

2013-01 Alert: Computer Virus Outbreaks: The primary focus of the campaign was targeting countries in eastern Europe, "former USSR Republics and countries in Central Asia, although victims can be found everywhere, including Western Europe and North America. The Red October has an unique "resurrection" module that hid in Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office ··»

2012-01 Web Security: A Japanese IT Company reportedly is working on the cyber weapon for Japan’s Defense Ministry under a Multi million dollars project initiated by the ministry’s Technical Research and Development Institute. The Anti-Virus system can identify the immediate source of attack and then trigger springboard computers to counter attack ··»

2011-10 Apple Timeline: Apple releases the much anticipated iOS5 for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into the wild.

2010-02 Windows - Virus Protection: KneberBotnet Virus attacks 75000 computers worldwide, including US government installations.

2009-07 MS Windows: The Microsoft Windows 7 operating system is officially be available for preorder. To support this launch, two editions, Home Premium and Professional, will be made available for 50% off. This offer will last through 11 July 2009 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Windows 7 will come ··»

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