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The following is a guess of the UIN/FIN Algorithm using in our local Identity Card (affectionally abbreviated as IC) - it gives you a basic ideal how it works. The authorised version can be purchase directly from the Gov.Sg - url //web1.internet.gov.sg/mha/ica/nrd/uin2.htm. It will cost you S$400 (Singapore Dollars) upon their approval.

The Singapore NRIC number consists of SEVEN (7) digits and a letter appended behind. This letter is calculated from the first SEVEN (7) digits using the MODULUS ELEVEN (11) method. This system is the most commonly used since it provides a high degree of security.

The steps involved in the computation are as follows:

Multiply each digit in the NRIC number by its weight.
Add together the above products.
Divide the resulting sum by ELEVEN (11).
Subtract the remainder from ELEVEN (11) to give the check digit.
In Singapore, the weight for the NRIC number is shown in the following table:

2 7 6 5 4 3 2


Digit = [ (d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 6 d7) . (2 7 6 5 4 3 2)] mod 11
= (2d1 + 7d2 + 6d3 + 5d4 + 4d5 + 3d6 + 2d7) mod 11

The conversion (look-up) table to convert the check digit into the corresponding alphabet is shown below:

Digit 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Alphabet A B C D E F G H I Z J


UIN/FIN Algorithm

The first digit is the century prefix. S for 19th century and T for 20th century.

Century Prefix for the UIN and FIN in the 21st century

Come 21st century, the prefix of the Unique Identification Number (UIN) and the Foreigner Identification Number (FIN) will be changed from "S" to "T" and "F" to "G" respectively.

The last letter in the UIN/FIN is a check digit; serving as a means to ensure that the 7 numerals are not entered into a computer system in the wrong order. An algorithm is used to derive the check digit from the century prefix and the 7 numerals in the UIN or FIN. The algorithms and sample computer programs can now be obtained by filling up the electronic request form provided.

ICA would be glad to provide further clarifications on the use of the century prefix for UIN and its algorithm if needed.

What is UIN and FIN?
A Unique Identification Number (UIN) is a unique identification number that is assigned to all Singapore citizens and permanent residents and children born in Singapore. A Foreign Identification Number (FIN) is a unique identification number assigned to foreigners who are issued with immigration and work passes in Singapore eg. student’s pass holders.

Why prefix "S" and "T" for UIN?
The current prefix for UIN is "T". It is the 20th letter in the alphabet which denotes UIN issued in this century (i.e. 2000 - 2099), while "S" is used for the last century.

What constitutes a complete UIN/FIN?
The format of a UIN and FIN is:
P - is the century prefix
NNNNNNN - seven numerals
C - a letter in the alphabet serving as a check digit

What happen if we provide a UIN or FIN without the century prefix?
The century prefix is important as it makes the UIN or FIN unique. For example, the first child registered in the year of 2000 will bear a UIN "T0000001/E which differs from the first number "S0000001/I" first issued in the year 1966.

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    Which year were a person born holding Identity card starting with 182
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    I just found a nric in my mind i mean anyhow found one ^^
    But i dun understand what the u guys are trying to tell...
    I mean i dun understand the fomula
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  3. On 12-Apr-2007, Curious wrote: 
    A lot about Singapore NRIC number algorithm.
    New Challenge for all: does anyone know how the Company Registration Check is derived?
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  4. On 30-Sep-2006, SusIe wrote: 
    does this system have any limitations?
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    • On 05-Oct-2006, Anonymous replied: 
      All system have limitions. So I guessed this one too has its limitations.
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    Check out http://www.ngiam.net/NRIC/
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  6. On 24-Jul-2006, Anonymous wrote: 
    In your example, how come in T0000001 the check digit is E and in S0000001 the check digit is I?

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  7. On 14-Jul-2006, Kabir wrote: 
    Kindly suggest me as how I can get to Singapore without an NRIC as I want ot visit Singapore.
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    • On 14-Jul-2006, Anonymous replied: 
      Go to the Singapore General Consulate in Pakistan located at Lakson Square Building, 2 Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi-I, Pakistan and apply for a visa. Phone: (92 21) 568 6419.
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    the some of weights does not work for the new UIN which begins with
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    My name is Olarewaju Olajuwon,I am a singapore citizen but I resides in foreign country.I have no NRIC to obtain my singapore passport.What is the step to take to have this NRIC.I am looking forward to hear from you.Thanks for your anticipating.
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